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07:36pm 24/03/2005
  Lakefront Ska Presents "Super Ska Dance Party!"

forget about prom, but don't forget your suit or your rude dress. This is a full on Dance Craze come to life, so everyone please dress up and come and see some ska that will put you on the dance floor. Planet Smashers are headlining fresh off their european tour, The Know How is along for the ride with their new CD out on Stomp Records. For the openers it's looking like we'll have Grand Rapid's 2nd favorite ska band "one for the books", the Traditional Ska stylings of "The Statements" (featuring members of kickstand and UC5), Toledo based new comers "Texas Pete & the Revolutions" and Battle Creeks very own pop/rock ska band "Nice Try".

Friay April 22nd @ Brok'n Bonz in Battle Creek,MI
$8 in advance, $10 day of show, doors at 7pm, music at 7:30pm sharp.
10:57pm 03/01/2005
mood: bored
Hello, kiddies...
I just stumbled across the Plunket community... and i found that an interesting one... especially since it actually involves the band... I'm Christal by the way, and i'm from Battle Creek, Michigan... I heard of Plunket through sallad... and i fell in love from the begining...
i just saw plunket new years day for like the fifth time or something :p.. i think it was new year's day anyways... And despite the other shitty metal bands... Plunket definitely stood out... I'd like to congratulate all of you guys... and tell you to keep up the good work.. and i'll try to make it to the next relatively close show... i try to keep the driving under two hours due to the extremely ridiculous gas prices and unexperienced driving...
I wish you all luck...
03:18am 27/11/2004
  did anyone go to tje show in lemont? what do you think of the new stuff so far?  
09:52am 18/09/2004
mood: cheerful
i havnt even been here yet and im the sister site maintainer. wow. im bad. but im here now. whats up? i love plunket.... (then again shouldnt everyone? especially if they love iv4k....) so i was just stopping in to say hi and stuff. wondering how you guys are doing. iv4k is doing pretty good. nobodys really talking over there latly.... ohhhh well.... we live. muwah.

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10:42pm 06/09/2004
  now this community is a great idea!

so i think plunket is awesome
saw them with IV4K in springfield, il
and then was GOING to see them in chicago with mu330
but due to mixed up travel plans
i got there right after they played
that was frustrating.

yep that's my plunket story.

-nan from springfield
What up? 
05:44pm 04/09/2004
  Hey guys, Chris Plunket here.. just wanted to say thanks for hittin up a plunket livejournal community, super-cool, we'll post it on our website and get people to join. Take care, and I hope to see ya'll at shows. Don't forget.. Rock N' Roll is bitchin.  
11:56pm 25/08/2004
  Sunday, September 5th
Pure Volume/Absolutepunk.net Welcome...
The Sleepless Under Stoplights Tour...
3730 N. Clark
Chicago, IL 60613
Tickets $8 All Ages
Doors: 5:30pm / Show: 6pm
With:Hidden In Plain View, Hellogoodbye
Houston Calls, madison and more north

you should all be there. not only is more north an awesome local band and hipv is awesome. but hellogoodbye is kick ass as well and they are from cali and they rock. its their first time in the midwest. and dont forget about houston calls. they rock too!

edit: CROSS POSTED EVERYWHERE...sorry if i spammed your friends pages :\
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11:07pm 11/08/2004
mood: sore
hey hey hey and welcome to plunket_love we are the cool comm. for those who love the band plunket from downers grove, il. they rock and thats why we love them.

be sure if you are in the chicago area to check them out on saturday august 21. they will be at the fireside bowl. opening for Mu330 along with suburbna legends (awesome ska band from cali). so be sure to check them out. they are saying get there at 4:30 or so because most likely it will sell out AND they are first on so dont miss them. its promised to be a fucking awesome show that will surely melt your faces off. to get in its gonna cost you 10 dollars. but itll be worth it. rumor has it (or word from chris whatever) says they will all be wearing the same outfit. definetly a sight to see :D
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