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plunket love
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alright so youve stumbled upon this comm.
its for all of you out there who love the band plunket
plunket is a band from the suburbs of chicago
chris is the guitarist and vocalist, tom is the trombonist,
sean is the drummer, jim is the bassist
they travel the country skanking it up
and melting faces off unsuspecting teens
they have graced the stage with such acts as:
Surburban Legends, Mu330, The Indecisives, Mustard Plug.
And their good friends: Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine,
I Voted For Kodos, Zero to Sixty Never,
By Any Means, Los Comandantes, and Forever In A Day.
they have 3 cds currently out.
the official website is http://www.plunketrock.com
for music head over to http://www.purevolume.com/plunket

some quick rules:
* promoting your comms. is fine. but dont do it more than once. the post will be deleted. promote it once and thats it.
* promote your local shows.... dont post every show you can think of. keep it limited.
* promoting bands or band sites is alright. but again do it just once.
* you are welcome to make graphics...eljay cut them though please.
* the posting of lyrics is fine...just put them behind a cut. and dont whore it out and post only lyrics ever
* dont be rude or mean. dont start shit with people. respect their thoughts, opinions and feelings and expect the same will come back to you.
* do not post random meaningless offtopic posts. try to keep it plunket/ska/music related please and thank you

those are the rules. obey them or fear the wrath of me and bridget :D

our sister/affliate community is the i voted for kodos comm.
iv4k the maintainer over there is flames_may_rise

and i am your maintainer/moderator/creator johanna un_jo
and my co-maintainer and kick ass helper is _estival